Technical Support

World-Leading Service

Bamberger Polymers supports our customers in all phases of the purchasing and manufacturing process. Our team of dedicated engineers empowers our customers’ success.

Pre-sales Support

We provide the necessary specifications, documentation, and technical information required to ensure success. Our team also communicates and acts as a liaison with manufacturers to provide up-to-date, correct product details.

Design Formulations

Our team helps our customers examine their manufacturing infrastructure processes and the properties desired in the finished good in order to help them select the correct resin product, product formulation or blend, and process parameters for their application.

Post-Sale Support

We help troubleshoot product and manufacturing issues. Each issue is addressed with a root-cause analysis. All action is recorded and archived. We strive never to repeat a problem and to be prepared to take corrective action before problems arise.

Customer Support

Our goal is to make doing business with Bamberger Polymers easy. We strive to be good stewards of our product line. Remotely or on-site, our technical support team will follow through with the diligence required to make sure our customers are successful.

Technician in a lab testing samples