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Who We Are

Founded in 1967, and celebrating 55 years of outstanding service to the plastics industry, Bamberger Polymers markets a full range of commodity thermoplastic resins through our network of sales offices and distribution centers.

Bamberger markets around the globe with representatives dedicated to all major markets in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Rim.

Every year we deliver more than 1 billion pounds of bulk and packaged resins to custom and proprietary manufacturers of plastic products, injection molders, blow molders, compounders and extruders.

Bamberger offers branded prime, generic prime, and wide-spec resins, including low density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, and polystyrene.

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Our Mission

Bamberger Polymers distributes high-quality prime-spec and wide-spec plastic resins to customers worldwide. Our success is predicated on providing the right product at the right price at the right time.

Our Vision

Bamberger Polymers seeks to continue to build upon its history of success and become the world’s most trusted name in plastic resin distribution. We aim to be trusted advisors to our customers and suppliers. Our customer service and support and our ability to consistently provide high-quality products should be the mark by which all other businesses in our market segment are measured.

Our Values

While priorities and objectives may change, our core values do not.

  • Integrity – We are honest and ethical in each and every transaction.
  • Diligence – We are conscientious, careful, and persistent in our work.
  • Respect – We strive to bring value to every business relationship.

These values guide our actions and our planning as we grow our business to include new opportunities. We measure our success by our ability to build and maintain strong, mutually profitable relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees, and stakeholders.

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Our History

1967 -  Bamberger Polymers, Inc. is established by Gerald Bamberger in Great Neck, New York.
1969 -  Bamberger Plastics & Chemicals (Canada) is established.
1971 -  Bamberger Polymers International Corp is established in New York to distribute resins internationally.
1974 -  Bamberger Polymers (Europe) B.V. is established in the Netherlands.
1978 -  Sales office opens in Chicago, Illinois and bulk storage and transfer facility is opened in Edison, New Jersey.
1978 -  Bamberger registers trademarks for the Company’s private-label Bapolene and Bapolan lines of generic prime resins.
1979 -  Sales office opens in Los Angeles, California.
1982 -  Interpak Terminals, Inc. is established to operate the bulk handling and resin packaging facilities in New Jersey and Texas.
1990 -  Bamberger Polymers de Mexico is established.
1990 -  Bamberger acquires Coast Polymers in California to support sales on the west coast.
1993 -  The Company completes a management buyout of the U.S. and foreign resin distribution operations.
1997 -  Bamberger Polymers, Inc. headquarters relocates to Jericho, New York, its current location.
2001 -  Bamberger Polymers France is established.
2008 -  Sales office opens in Istanbul, Turkey.
2010 -  Bamberger Polymers de Colombia is established.
2011 -  Bamberger Polymers opens East Europe office in Serbia.
2012 -  Bamberger Polymers de Costa Rica is established.

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