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Press Release: Bamberger Polymers Achieves ISCC PLUS Certification in Europe

This achievement, along with ISCC PLUS recertification in the US, allows Bamberger to support suppliers and customers with full traceability. 


Jericho, NY (September 11, 2023) – Bamberger Polymers, a worldwide leader in resin distribution, is pleased to announce its European achievement in International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS. ISCC PLUS is a globally recognized program that ensures sustainability and traceability within the supply chain for recycled and bio-based plastics. Achieving this certification in Europe marks a significant milestone in Bamberger Polymers’ ongoing commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Bamberger took several strategic steps to prepare for the certification audit, including conducting internal audits to establish a comprehensive framework within their ERP system. This framework enables the tracking of materials from suppliers to customers, ensuring transparency and accountability in the sourcing and distribution of sustainable materials.

As one of the highest sustainability standards in the industry, the ISCC PLUS certification signifies that Bamberger’s European operations have established robust systems and processes to track sustainability throughout its supply chain, giving customers peace of mind when purchasing sustainable recycled materials.

Project Director Mark Harrison, who spearheaded this project, spoke about what this achievement means for Bamberger: “ISCC PLUS certification in Europe is critical in our path to be the supplier of choice for sustainable products and allows us to guarantee the sale of renewable polyethylene and polypropylene. Bamberger is committed to our customers’ requirements, and this certification is the path to truly delivering exceptional customer service.”

Conner Mendenhall, Business Development Manager, echoed these sentiments: “Many customers want eco-friendlier options, but plastics don’t have the best reputation for sustainability. Our goal at Bamberger is to provide our customers with recycled plastics fit for use. This certification allows us to provide prime-grade polymers with recycled content, ensuring our customers receive a sustainable option compared to fossil fuel.”

In addition to Bamberger’s European ISCC PLUS certification, it also recently renewed its certification in the US, achieved initially in April 2022. As the global industry embraces eco-conscious practices, Bamberger Polymers stands at the forefront, offering customers dependable and ethically responsible solutions.


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