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Press Release: Bamberger Polymers Expands Sustainability Portfolio with NatureWorks’ Ingeo™ PLA Distribution Partnership

Jericho, NY (November 14, 2023) – Bamberger Polymers, a leading distributor of thermoplastic resins, is excited to announce a new supply partnership with NatureWorks, a biomaterials company renowned for its utilization of plants to convert greenhouse gases into IngeoTM PLA biopolymers. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in addressing the growing demand for environmentally responsible materials.

Bamberger’s customers in several key markets have shown a notable demand for bio-based materials like PLA, encompassing a diverse range of products from food packaging and food service ware like cups, trays, lids, straws, and cutlery to film solutions for yard waste, produce bags, and mulch films. As the world’s largest manufacturer of PLA, NatureWorks will help to provide Bamberger’s clientele with the low-carbon, sustainable solutions they are seeking.

Aaron Fredericks, Product Manager at Bamberger Polymers, explained the significance of this partnership: “Bamberger understands the importance of providing our customers with as many options available in the market today to help them reach their specific sustainability goals. We are happy to be able to offer a multi-prong approach with both post-consumer/post-industrial offerings and now a 100% bio-based material for biodegradability, compostability, and reduction of CO2 footprint.”

Dennis Nielsen, President of Bamberger Polymers, added: “The entire Bamberger team is very excited about our new partnership with NatureWorks. They have been pioneers in the bio-based materials space for over 30 years. All of us at Bamberger will be proud to represent their Ingeo™ product line to plastics processors in the United States and Canada to provide sustainable solutions for our customers.”

NatureWorks currently has 330 million pounds of capacity in Blair, Nebraska, with plans to add another 150 million through their upcoming facility opening in Thailand. Combining NatureWorks’ substantial capabilities with Bamberger’s 50+ years of experience in serving the US and Canada, this partnership aims to offer extensive coverage and support for processors seeking sustainable materials.

Dan Sawyer, Director of Product at NatureWorks remarked, “We are pleased with our new distribution partnership with Bamberger. Through this alliance, we are extending our market reach to meet the evolving demands of Ingeo customers in the US and Canada by leveraging Bamberger’s strong market channel access with a number of converters, OEMs, and Brand Owners. Leveraging Bamberger’s market reach builds on our market leadership and aligns with our mission to provide biobased products that help converters and brand owners meet their sustainability goals.

Scott Sergel, Business Development Manager at NatureWorks added, “This partnership is ideal because Bamberger shares our dedication to developing sustainable business opportunities based on high-performance product solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of applications.” Sustainability for both brand owners and processors continues to be a dynamic space as it grows exponentially through both consumer demand and state and federal regulations. Bamberger and NatureWorks understand how challenging it can be to stay current. With their long history in the sustainable materials market, Bamberger and NatureWorks are poised to work together to ensure customers have a tailor-made approach that matches their sustainability objectives.

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