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Press Release: Bamberger Polymers Gains ISCC PLUS Certification

This achievement will allow Bamberger to support international sustainability efforts while helping customers find circular resin solutions

Jericho, NY (July 26, 2022) – Bamberger Polymers, a leading distributor in thermoplastic resin solutions, recently announced its achievement in International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS. ISCC PLUS is an internationally recognized system providing traceability across the supply chain for recycled and bio-based plastics.

The ISCC PLUS system allows Bamberger to distribute materials providing a solution to help customers meet their recycled content and sustainability goals. The certification is currently incorporated on products derived from advanced recycling and renewable resources which are implemented upstream, producing resins that hold the same quality and characteristics as virgin grade material for the plastics industry. ISCC takes on the mass-balance approach, giving brands a deeper level of assurance of their sustainability claims.

Greg Paradine, Director of Commodity Procurement at Bamberger, spoke about the company’s ISCC PLUS certification: “Bamberger’s mission has always been to distribute the best high-quality resin to our customers while maintaining strong, mutually profitable relationships. Through our ISCC PLUS certification, we will be able to provide value to our entire network in reaching their sustainability goals.”

Bamberger’s Sustainability and Recycling Lead, Jake Roh, also said in a statement: “Bamberger is excited to take this step in furthering the development of the circular economy for our industry. With this certification, we will be able to better help our customers find sustainable resin solutions while helping reduce global plastic waste.”

Bamberger received ISCC PLUS certification in April 2022, and the company will continue to advance international sustainability efforts through the continuous development of recycled and renewable plastics.