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3 Reasons to Align with a Worldwide Plastic Resin Distributor

Distributors are a necessary asset to plastics manufacturers. Not only do they supply resin, but the best distributors also provide insight on the market, offer recommendations for alternative resins, suggest different logistics options during supply chain slowdowns, and overall act as a true partner to your business. Plastic processors all over the world need good distributors, which is why many distributors, like Bamberger, have a global reach.

Bamberger Polymers is proud to be a worldwide distributor of quality thermoplastic resins. In this blog, our experts lay out the best and most important reasons why you should want to align with a company like Bamberger.

1. We know what’s going on in the global market.

Having an insight into what’s going on all over the world is extremely important, especially in recent years when dealing with supply chain issues. Resin distributors only focused on one region may not have much knowledge on what’s going on in other places in the world. For example, a distributor focused solely on North America may not be aware of shipping slowdowns happening in Asia or Europe. This can be a huge detriment, since what’s happening in the global market can have an impact on what’s going on at a more local level.

Mike Pignataro, the Vice President of North American Sales at Bamberger, explained: “Bamberger brings a level of information and global perspective to the customer that they might not receive from another regional distributor. What happens in the global market has an impact on the local market, and the global distributor would have that information which a regional distributor might not have.”

Customers may think a regional or local distributor would offer better customer service, but the team at Bamberger is committed to providing the same level of expert service for our customers, no matter where they are in the world.

“We source globally, though we sell locally,” explained Mark Harrison, Product Director at Bamberger. “From a customer’s perspective, they may not value the global perspective – they value the more focused distributor. It’s our goal to make the local service work for them, and our role is to make it simple.”

Ted Dwyer, Bamberger’s Executive Vice President who oversees international operations, also explained Bamberger’s capabilities: “We can do everything a regional distributor can do, but we have more knowledge than a local distributor. It’s not often Bamberger gets passed over for a local distributor.”


2. We can deliver places regional distributors often cannot.

Regional distributors are often limited to where they can ship material; limitations on shipping can result in smaller inventory and fewer material options. Global distributors, on the other hand, are able to ship resin material anywhere in the word.

“We have inventory stations across the globe and can get material pretty much anywhere,” said Ted. “We’re stocked and can deliver nearly everywhere in the world. Our knowledge of different markets also gives us an advantage.”

Customers may believe only regional distributors have knowledge of their local regulations, but global distributors like Bamberger make a point of assisting our customers no matter where they are in the world. Many of Bamberger’s customers come from different countries, localities, and cultures, so it’s important for us to understand their unique needs as manufacturers.

“There are many countries and languages in Europe, and many different cultures and behaviors within the continent,” explained Mark, who oversees product distribution in the EU. “At Bamberger, we must service each of those cultures in different ways and be aware of their differences. It’s our goal to make the local service work for them.”


3. Our diversified portfolio makes us an asset to customers and suppliers alike.

Being a global distributor means Bamberger has experience with a wider customer base that works in many different industries. These industries often range in material and supply needs. A diverse portfolio of market sectors enables Bamberger to work with many types of businesses, no matter what industry they may be in.

“With Bamberger being a large distributor, suppliers know who they’re dealing with,” explained Mike. “It’s also beneficial to customers who work in multiple markets: we’re able to provide the same level of service in one market and carry it over to another.”

Bamberger has more brand recognition amongst suppliers, and as a result, our name as a distributor is more trusted than other, more local distributors.

“From a supply standpoint, being a global marketer allows our suppliers to have brand recognition in a market where they don’t typically have a presence, which is an advantage to the customer,” explained Mike.

Ted also pointed out: “The biggest advantage is that we are attractive to suppliers, who like the idea of distributors having more of a global reach. Also, our customers like it since we have a wider reach with suppliers.”


Reliable Distributors with a Global Reach

Bamberger Polymers is a resin distributor offering a wide portfolio of thermoplastic materials, both branded and private label, all over the world. As an intuitive leader in the industry, Bamberger collaboratively solves tomorrow’s problems with integrity, nimbleness, and respect while providing quality products delivered on time. We ship more than 1.5 billion pounds of bulk and packaged resins to manufacturers for customized projects every year, and our trusted relationships with customers and suppliers are always founded on consistent communication and support from order to shipment.


Looking for a quality thermoplastic resin distributor with a global reach? Contact Bamberger today to learn more.